• Law and the Janus-faced Morality of Poltical Correctness
    No. 1 (2021)

    Our first volume, developed in an exceptionally short period of time, explores one of those problems: the culture and/or the morality of so-called political correctness. Having benefited from a generous and diverse set of contributions, this initial volume privileges a thematic concentration: sufficiently closed to guide an always difficult selection, sufficiently open however to give the selected sequence the transparency (and the dynamics) of an “arch-form” in seven chapters, the extreme panels of which (less focused on the main topic) expand the required contextualisation. The first chapter is by Professor James Boyd White, our sole invited Author, whose participation is certainly a wonderful privilege! Whilst anticipating the plurality of approaches and the perplexing argumentative reversibility which wound the story about Law and Political Correctness, the Introduction which follows also clarifies the sequence selected and the choices which build it (infra, “Law and the Janus-faced Morality of Political Correctness: an Introduction”, 3.).