In search of modernist adaptability

A systematic approach for discussing the adaptive reuse potential of José Falcão School

  • carolina coelho


This paper focuses on José Falcão Secondary School, in Coimbra, from 1936 by Carlos Ramos, Jorge Segurado and Adelino Nunes, acknowledged as national built heritage, and it aims to critically reflect upon the school’s collective spaces as active learning environments and to discuss the adaptability potential of a modernist Portuguese school towards the current pedagogical outlook. Ultimately, it intends to provide a critical thinking on potential interventions to enhance it on this behalf, enabling the accommodation of contemporary learning practices.


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Biografia Autor

carolina coelho

Carolina Coelho is born in 1983, Coimbra. PhD student at University of Coimbra, Department of Architecture/Centre for Social Studies, Portugal, currently investigating Life within architecture, participatory design processes and user research studies, applied to schools buildings today. Author of the graduate thesis: The matter of the architect: the Portuguese society and the architect, today. Recently published and presented her current results at the 2012 Nexus Conference in Milan. Email: