No. 8 (2017): Ideas and Practices for the European City

Cover Joelho #8

Guest Editors: José António Bandeirinha, Luís Miguel Correia, Nelson Mota

Joelho #8 brings together contributions to discuss the European City as an idea and a project. In this issue, established and young scholars discuss the multiple facets of the European city as the vital locus for the historical processes that populate our imagination as urbanites. In three complementary parts - Discourses, Projects, and Reviews - Joelho 8 showcases a critical cross-section of ideas and practices for the European City developed over the last century. The articles included in this issue discuss several instances of the European city as a palimpsest, a physical and mental support where multiple historical phenomena are overlaid. Looking from different intellectual perspectives, Joelho 8 shows the European city as a place of coexistence, a stable, yet dynamic, organism against which the flow of time and the accumulation of experiences takes place. Joelho 8 allows us to travel in time, navigating through different aspects that have contributed to make the European city a cherished repository of collective memory and a shared cultural heritage.

Published: 2017-12-26

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