Elenchus, Recollection, and the Method of Hypothesis in the Meno


  • Cristina Ionescu The Catholic University of America




Elenchus, Method of Hypothesis, Recollection


The Meno is often interpreted as an illustration of Plato’s decision to replace elenchus with recollection and the method of hypothesis. My paper challenges this view and defends instead two theses: (1) that far from replacing elenchus, the method of hypothesis incorporates and uses elenctic arguments in order to test and build its own steps; and (2) that recollection is not a method of search on a par with elenchus and the method of hypothesis, but is rather primarily a theory that accounts for the metaphysical horizon within which the method of hypothesis, coupled with elenchus and perhaps other dialectical methods, can lead us from opinions to knowledge.


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Ionescu, C. (2018). Elenchus, Recollection, and the Method of Hypothesis in the Meno. PLATO JOURNAL, 17, 9-29. https://doi.org/10.14195/2183-4105_17_1