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Revista de Estudos Literários, Vol. 13 (2023)
Call for papers 

Theme: Rewriting and memory: Dialogues, Intersections and overlaps

Marta Teixeira Anacleto (Universidade de Coimbra)
Rita Bueno Maia (Universidade Católica Portuguesa)

Publication: October 2023
Call for papers: July 08, 2022
Submission of abstracts: November 30, 2022
Notification of abstract acceptance or rejection: December 30, 2022
Deadline for submission of articles: March 17, 2023
Communication of peer-review results: April 28, 2023
Deadline for submission of revised articles after peer review: June 30, 2023

Rewriting and memory are two theoretical categories that, due to their plasticity and breadth, have been transversally recovered in recent works in Literature, Culture Studies and Translation Studies, namely in reflections on the dialogue between Literary History and
Translation. Such works include studies of memories in/on transit, rewriting and testimony in the era of ephemeral and virtual publication, ideologically committed rewritings of the subaltern, the right to be remembered and the right to be forgotten, transgressions and appropriations of memory, memory-writing as self-translation, among many others. Despite the countless possibilities the concepts of rewriting and memory opened up for Literary Studies, certain prejudices have, until recent times, sidelined objects of study such as translated texts and memoirs, on the grounds of their supposed lack of originality and

Given the growing importance that these two concepts have gained (in a more literal or
metaphorical sense) in the context of Literary, Culture and Translation Studies, exploring
the dialogues, intersections and overlaps between phenomena of rewriting and memory is of
obvious relevance.
The present issue of Revista de Estudos Literários intends to bring together theoretical
reflections and/or case studies which discuss the concepts of rewriting (in the broad sense of
"translation") and memory (including cultural and social memory). The approximation of
these two concepts brings to the fore the discussion of translations, adaptations, selftranslations, pseudo-translations. Furthermore, it allows for critical analyses of (i) cultural
contexts of both "pre-" and "post-translation/rewriting"; (ii) social, political, linguistic,
literary and artistic circumstances in which rewriting occurs; (iii) creative interference of rewriting in authorial, genological, aesthetic trajectories; and (iv) transgressions of rewriting
and crises of memory.

Possible dialogues, intersections and overlaps include:
● Poetics of rewriting and literary memory
● Rewriting and the literary genre
● Politics of rewriting and cultural memory
● Rewriting and conflict
● (Pseudo-)translation and memory
● Autobiography as translation
● Pseudo-autobiographies
● Translators’ memoirs
● Translation in memoirs

Article proposals:
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All proposals will be selected according to the journal’s editorial policy. Abstract selection does not guarantee the publication of the final article. We welcome articles written in the following languages: Portuguese, French and English.