Univocality and finitude


  • Renaud Barbaras Université Paris I – Panthéon Sorbonne




universal a priori of the correlation, phenomenology;, cosmology, metaphysics


The scope of phenomenology may be circumscribed by what Husserl called the universal a priori of the correlation between the transcendent entity and its subjective modes of bestowal. This a priori means at the same time that the essence of the being involves its relation to a consciousness and that the sense of being of the subject consists in relating to the transcendent entity, in making it appear, which is to say that a consciousness which was not consciousness of something, or intentionality, it would not be. The difficulty here is to account for the sense of being of the poles of correlation, namely the transcendent entity and the subject, in the light of this correlation, which refers to a form of primacy of the relation over the terms. It is a question of what it means to appear, what is the status of what appears and, finally, what is the mode of being of what we call intentionality. I wanted to show that phenomenology is bound to overtake for the sake of a cosmology and metaphysics, which appear not as fields that would be foreign to it but, on the contrary, as internal and constitutive dimensions of phenomenology itself.


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