Current Situation of Phenomenological Philosophy

The Stromatology


  • Ricardo Sánchez Ortiz de Urbina Universidad de Valladolid



Phenomenology, Stromatology, Materialism, Science, Art, Esthetic, Humanity


The text that you will be able to read below is the transcription of the so‑ called Coimbra Conference, in the context of the International Conference on Phenomenological Studies, with the title “Em redor do Pensamento de Ricardo Sánchez Ortiz de Urbina”, held in the Vítor Matos Room of the Faculty of Letters of the University of Coimbra, on March 6, 2020, under the auspices of the Centre for Classical and Humanistic Studies (CECH – FLUC), the Portuguese Association of Phenomenological Philosophy and the Research Project “Phenomenology of the Body and Pain Analysis ”(CSIC‑ Madrid). It is a historical and programmatic document in which a diagnosis of the current situation of philosophy is found. Among the following lines will be exposed the corpus of the complete work of the Spanish philosopher, and author of Stromatology, Ricardo Sánchez Ortiz de Urbina. The theses presented cover the fields of contemporary science, politics, morality, art and phenomenological philosophy, as the latter requires the need to expand philosophy in our time.


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