Preamble to the philosophy of political sensing




Political Science, Political Philosophy, Sensing, Thinking, Intuition, East, West, Ontology, Nature, Art, Skill, Virtue


By analyzing part of Western philosophical tradition and, in particular, contrasting the teaching of masters and gurus of the East with the teachings of metaphysical schools and political science in the West, this article, it may be said, falls within the category of philosophy of civilizations. Not being limited, however, to any of these civilizations, political art, as the skill of those who govern or lead happy lives, can be examined in the extension of their intersections and as an independent philosophical question. In this article, the author therefore assumes that the search for knowledge of good government and happy life is common to both civilizations or, more essentially, to all man as a man and, noting the absence of a significant correspondence between both on the subject of political science or art, it seeks to examine possible specific modalities of such investigation. If it can be said that, in this sense, political philosophy is a more specific modality of the West, and the philosophy of intuitive feeling of the East, the scope of this article is, then, the examination of the possibility of the philosophy of political sensing as an independent philosophic question.


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