La Fuerza de la Palabra Educación y Manipulación


  • Enrique Gervilla Castillo Universidad de Granada



The language is, in its different modalities, a great asset and also a danger, since it can report and isolate, spread the truth and also lies, to educate and corrupt. In the following pages we treat this duality of the language, provided with honey and sting as the bees. In the first part we speak about the kindness of the human language as privileged way of communication and, therefore, of education. And, in the second part, we present the evilness and perversion of the language when it is used for selfish interests. Today, due to the powerful mass media, the danger of “perversion" in the language is constant, and therefore the education in the critical sense becomes indispensable.


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Gervilla Castillo, E. (2011). La Fuerza de la Palabra Educación y Manipulación. Revista Portuguesa De Pedagogia, p. 145-159.

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