Perception and exile




Renaud Barbaras, perception, ontological belonging, feeling, Merleau‑ Ponty


This short essay about Renaud Barbaras’ work takes as a guiding thread the relation between perception and separation. If, in order to perceive, the subject must belong to the world, how can we think about the necessary separation between the subject and the world, from which the subject himself arises? This topic leads us, on the one hand, to examine a point of continuity between Renaud Barbaras’ and Merleau‑Ponty’s works, for both of them seek to reflect upon the question of the ontological belonging of the subject to the world. On the other hand, this topic also leads us to an analysis of how, characterizing the mode of being of the subject as movement, Renaud Barbaras distances himself from Merleau‑Ponty and opens up a new philosophical perspective: one in which the separation between the subject and the world must be conceived as a particular form of exile.


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