Todos os textos de canônes: existe ainda algum dos livros da biblioteca do estudo medieval português?

Dos inventários da livraria do estudo a uma possível identificação dos seus livros




On June 8th, 1536, Nicolau Lopes, the last bedel of the medieval studium of Lisbon, compiled an inventory comprising all the 156 books of the library of the Portuguese university, a few months before the definitive relocation of the studium generale to Coimbra, in March 1537. This inventory became a precious document, as it allow us to understand the circulation of knowledge, people and books in medieval and early modern Europe. Based on the original inventories of the studium library and on the existing catalogues of manuscripts and incunabula of the General Library of the University of Coimbra (which currently holds the archives of the old Lisbon-based medieval university), in this paper we purpose to realise if any of the volumes mentioned in the inventory survived up today, while trying to properly identify some of the books described in the inventory.


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