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Gonçalo Canto Moniz, Centro de Estudos Sociais, Departamento de Arquitectura, Universidade de Coimbra

Gonçalo Canto Moniz (Porto, 1971) is a researcher of the Cities, Cultures, and Architecture (CCArq) Research Group of the Centre for Social Studies of the University of Coimbra. Graduated on Architecture at the Department of Architecture of FCTUC in 1995, where he is Assistant Professor, Coordinator of the Master on Architecture and editor of e|d|arq and JOELHO, Journal of Architectural Culture. Obtained his PhD degree in Architecture at the University of Coimbra in 2011, based on his academic thesis: "Modern Architectural Education". He has been researching and publishing about modern architecture in Portugal, namely about high school buildings, architectural education and justice spaces. He is author of the book "Arquitectura e Instrução: o projecto moderno do liceu, 1836-1936" (e|d|arq, 2007).