Emma Soundscape

  • Sara Pinheiro


This piece is part of a multi-screen audiovisual installation designed by visual artists Mieke Bal and Michelle Williams-Gamaker. The installation is based on Flaubert's novel Madame Bovary (1856). Emma (Madame B.) is an attentive and sensitive listener to the environment that surrounds her. The soundtrack (both in the installation and in the feature film) was developed through a series of sound-motifs that serve as sound characterization of the character. Listening to these sound-motifs is an exercise in "sonic focalization": the objects that characterized her would do so sonically as well. Emma's sound landscape reflects the accumulated sounds of an individual life, which simultaneously shape and confine the space that defines her. These sounds mark and trace the character's story, eventually outlining 'her expansion in the world as much as her seclusion in it'.

It should be heard preferably with monitors, as long as there are no other interfering sounds. The piece should occupy an empty room.


soundscape, installation, audio mix

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