In the last years, strategic communication has acquired a central status in the life of organizations, both in the construction of their identity and as an instrument of management and public recognition. The image of organizations, boosted by the development and expansion of information and communication technologies as well as by the emergence of new media, has required new management skills that are not limited to information exchange or promotional communication.

Strategic communication integrates and involves the political and tactical articulation of all messages, media and audiences. It presupposes a coherent plan based on corporate identity, oriented to the creation of an image that helps the organization to meet its broader objectives (commercial, social or political) from a holistic / integral perspective of communication.

Research in Strategic Communication aims to explain and predict human behavior as a consequence of the strategic use of communication by organizations, and to promote individual and collective behavioral, emotional and cognitive changes, by appealing to fields such as sociology, psychology, anthropology.

Strategic communication includes internal and external communication, marketing communication, public relations and advertising, in all communication platforms (analog and digital), as well as communication and implementation of public policies, political and social marketing, implemented by organizations and public and private institutions. 

The number 33 of Media&Journalism journal dedicated to Strategic Communication, accepts contributions that are based, from the theoretical or empirical point of view, on the following area:

Institutional and Organizational Strategic Communication

Research topics that fall under this theme include the study of the ways in which organizations, governments and members of social and political groups create and disseminate strategic messages applied to the political process, science communication, public policy, and non-profit organizations, to persuade, inform and change behavior. In particular, the contribution of strategic communication in the following areas:

1.     Reputation management. 
2.    Crisis management and communication. 
3.    Strategic communication campaigns (strategies and tactics).
4.    Propaganda and argumentative strategies.

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